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Centrifuge Rental for Clinical Trials

Centrifuges are commonly used in clinical trials, frequently for centrifugation of blood collection tubes (i.e. Vacutainers ®, Monovettes® or Vacuettes®) as well as for microliter tubes ("Eppis®). Depending on the application, centrifugation is performed at room temperature or refrigerated, requiring either standard air-cooled centrifuges or refrigerated centrifuges.

LABFISH Clinical Trial Supplies offers rentals (leasing) of the right type of centrifuge for every application in a clinical trial: We cover the range from microliter tubes over blood collections tubes, 15ml / 50ml conical tubes ("Falcon®" tubes) up to 1.000 ml bottles. For your special demand, we can also rent large floor centrifuges as well as ultracentrifuges.

Centrifuges used in clinical trials need to be calibrated before being put into service and recalibrated annually to meet requirements of GxP, FDA, EMA etc. LABFISH Clinical Trial Supplies offers the complete range of calibration services for centrifuges, including initial calibrations at the beginning of your trial to annual recalibrations.

LABFISH Clinical Trial Supplies is your first - and only - stop for rental / leasing of centrifuges for you clinical study.