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Kitting & Customized Packaging

Ancillaries like infusion sets, test kits and laboratory consumables are often required in small quantities at several sites.

Packaging and Compliance Rules

Compliance rules require that sites are only provided with the amounts of materials actually needed to perform the clinical trial.

However, ancillaries usually come in boxes containing larger quantities, far more than needed for a single site. Additionally, each site may require several items.

Our Service

Let LABFISH take care of all these issues with our Kitting / Customized Packaging Service:

  • We procure all necessary ancillaries

  • We pack the kits with quantities customized for each site according to your requirements

  • We keep track of all lot numbers of the materials

  • We provide the sites with all required product documentation

  • We store the ancillaries in our warehouse and can ship at short notice so there are no delays at sites involved in the clinical trial

  • We take care of all logistics to make sure the materials arrive on time

Your benefit

Leave it to LABFISH so you have time to focus on your core tasks.