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White Glove Shipping

Transport of heavy equipment frequently causes inconveniences. This often involves the handling of the equipment at your site, but also the packaging and the return trip.

Our Service

The most convenient, hassle-free solution is our white glove shipping service. 

The carrier makes an appointment and delivers the equipment with two people right up to the point-of-use, for instance into the laboratory or examination room.

The equipment will be unpacked. 

The site can also decide where the equipment should be placed (i.e. on a lab bench, under a table etc.). 

Also, the carrier takes care of removing and disposing of the packaging so there is no need for the site to store large shipping boxes or shipping crates for the return of the equipment as storage space always is an issue. 

At the end of the trial, the site does not need to take care of packing the equipment, either. The carrier simply picks up and packs the equipment for a safe return trip to our warehouse.

Shipping has never been easier than with our white glove shipping service and your sites will love it!