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Total Quality Management

Our commitment

We at LABFISH are fully committed to quality that covers all aspects of our business. 

We have a strong focus on the interaction with you – our client - which begins from the moment you get in touch with us and continues throughout the project. 

The feedback you give us during and after the project helps us to continuously optimize our processes to meet your requirements even better for future projects.

Key Aspects
We have defined several key aspects for our Total Quality Management strategy within our client interaction:

  • Identify possible sources of error in the projects, starting from the request to the conclusion with the collection of the equipment from the sites, and eliminating them in the future.
  • Draw on our experience in the context of clinical trials so we can think ahead and advise our clients during all phases of the projects.
  • Get a feedback from our clients what is going well and where we can do better.
  • Match our communication to the exact needs of our clients.
  • Incorporate and implement client suggestions and feedback into our ISO9001 processes.

Mission statement
Our mission is to deliver the best possible quality so that your studies can run smoothly.

The foundation of our commitment to Total Quality Management is our certified ISO9001:2015 quality management system complemented by quality tools like SIX Sigma (6ϭ).

LABFISH – Dedicated to quality

Please download our ISO 9001:2015 Certificate: