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User Training

The proper operation of the equipment used during a clinical trial is essential for obtaining the correct results as well as ensuring the safety of the users. Our staff at LABFISH is trained by the manufacturers for a range of the equipment and is qualified to in turn train the users. For other equipment, we turn to our service partners who have the necessary qualification. Training certificate for documentation are handed out after each training.

Online Training

The wide-spread breakthrough of online meetings has also boosted the acceptance for online training as an efficient, cost-effective and time saving option compared to training on site. For the online training, we have the identical piece of equipment located in our training lab and can run through the training procedure step by step. We work with platforms like Microsoft® Teams, Zoom or WhatsApp depending on the preferences. During training, the staff only needs a smartphone and internet connection. 

Online Support

As with online training, we offer online support for many of our instruments which has proven to be a most valuable tool to resolve issues in the shortest possible time, thereby keeping your trial on track.